Thursday, May 1, 2008

News for May 1, 2008

Ever wonder what happens to your knife confiscated at the airport?

A traitor amongst Hillary

Chinese Navy presents a growing threat - As a side note, check out this awful quote from Christian Le Miere, editor of Jane's Intelligence Review, "This is a challenge to any hegemonic power, particularly the US which still remains dominant in the region." A hegemon is considered the dominant power in a region. Now it is possible to have a local hegemon and a global hegemon, but two true hegemons cannot exist over one region because that is a change in the polarity of the system so they no longer are a true hegemon. Really it deals with having a preponderance of power, so someone who is a hegemon is a cut above the rest. So the quote is insane because it deals with multiple hegemons and it suggests "particuarly the US" which means it casts some doubt on whether or not the US is in fact the hegemon globally but still seeming to imply it is. It's insanity.