Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Buffalos, Break ups, Battlestar Galactica (Well pirating it anyway)

I'm going to punch a cougar. Recently stumbled onto Guy on a Buffalo. And if you haven't seen it, it's hysterical. Very clever and very well done. Somewhat old news now, but I know it hadn't made the rounds with most of my friends. Seriously worth your time:

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you're breaking up with friends. It's something that happens to us all, we move on. Interesting insight from NYTimes on the process. Personally I just stick with the Seinfeld approach. Also the Times should know, George invented the "It's not you, it's me".

I love TV SOPA-ing much. The NYTimes about the fight amongst different industries over how to handle piracy issues. It's an interesting discussion and there are a lot of conflicting interests going on. Of course I liked the argument they bring up with their anecdote at the beginning, since I'm a big sports fan. It's a difficult thing to manage what you can or can't get as far as TV offerings, especially because cable and satellite providers won't allow for an a la carte package of stations (most of the time). So what is a fan supposed to do? The internet sure provides some easy answers and typically there are ads that still run, so the advertisers are still happy at least.

I guess Tweeting while you drive is a good idea. The Brazilian government is putting the new Twitter regulations to work demanding Twitter shut down a few accounts that tweet out information about traffic stops. Very difficult issue because the information will just flow to somewhere else. Initially they tried to argue that the accounts didn't offer anything useful for society other than those traffic stops which was a useful argument, but the users just added more valuable driving information. I think this is going to be a fight the Brazilian government loses against its own people other than blocking individual tweets as they come.

Polish Goal Line FTW. Slate asks if the Giants took the 12 men on the field penalty intentionally? Short answer: No. However, that seems like a real potential issue. Per Mike Pereira if you keep intentionally committing penalties as a defense to run the clock it will result in a touchdown for the other team. But there's still a little bit of a problem there since that allowed the Giants to run some serious clock (although the extra man wasn't to their benefit). They might need to look into penalizing defenses a little more during those crunch moments. Anybody got any good suggestions?

Super plays. Great quick (very quick) looks at a couple of key plays from National Football Post: The Manningham Catch and Victor Cruz's TD. I typically enjoy a bit more meat than that, but it was a good look since I don't have DVR to watch over and over what exactly transpires on such key plays.

June Jones is a class act. Always been a big fan of his work. Charlie Weis, not so much and no surprise there. June Jones allows recruits to transfer but Charlie Weis resists. I give a knock on the lauding of Mack Brown for releasing recruits though. At places like Texas, USC, and Bama it's typically to their advantage to let go of somebody who doesn't pan out because they've got 20 other guys dying for a chance that might pan out. Other low class loser, Brian Kelly, throws a recruit under the bus for going to another team. Way to pick on an 18 year old, Coach. You stay classy.

Eat more War Eagle. Graham Watson bringing the laughs about a recruit who spurned Clemson over the lack of a Chick-Fil-A in the area, even though there was one on campus. Seriously one of the better names in college football right there, Cassanova McKinzy. My favorite I saw was Leviticus Payne. Any other good one's out there?

I want a recount! Puppy Bowl struck with controversy as SBNation questions whether or not the right puppy got the MVP. Sadly forgot to watch the Puppy Bowl this year, but it's a wonderful Superbowl tradition and I'm glad that Animal Planet produces it. Although I actually somewhat appreciated Madonna's halftime show, minus a few mishaps.

Heads or tails? Mental Floss with a quick rundown on whether or not flipping a coin is really a 50-50 proposition. Apparently it's more likely to land on the side that's up to begin with. I would have anticipated one side to be heavier than the other or something so that's interesting. Wonder if they specially weight them for the Superbowl coin toss or other sporting events? A glad hat tip to anybody that finds out if that's the case.

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