Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drudgieness For Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New McCain attack ad of the Obama campaign released. I found it to be a rather interesting ad. It is interesting to see how much Obama is this celebrity and almost a global celebrity. I think the President of the United States often has been, probably especially since the days of FDR. Frankly the American President is a global hero of sorts, or at least was at one point (I guess that's kind of a changed story for a large part, but there was always Bushie's trip to Albania). So I don't know what sort of take to look to for this. We'll see how it plays out in the near future. I noticed this was a hot topic on Fox News this evening as I was waiting for my flight. Obama's campaign has spoken out against it rather strongly, but frankly as far as attacks go, this doesn't seem the most malicious. Things were a lot nastier between him and Hillary than this so I don't know why they're acting so appalled all of the sudden, especially because I can imagine they have their salvo's in reserve ready to fire right back. Also, given the sad state of America today, this might almost pander more to the American public rather than drive them away. America is so celebrity crazy it only makes sense to have "the biggest celebrity of them all" to be the President.

More to the note of the Celebrity Presidential Candidate, rapper Ludacris has come out with a song devoted to the Obama campaign. Maybe it's just me, but I want a man of high moral character and fiber as President, and so I don't know what a 50-something year old man is doing running around with Luda on his iPod and saying its on heavy rotation. I would hope Obama would want black people to rise above much of the ills sometime associated with the whole rap culture, not eschewing it. I mean just because he listens to it doesn't mean he's a supporter necessarily, but I don't know that it's helping the cause. Apparently the Obama Campaign has spoken out against these lyrics. But for supposedly being against such lyrics, yet again I ask, why even associate yourself with the filth in the first place?

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign.

Obama's biggest foe may be his own hubris.

Drug found to halt the effects of Alzheimer's.

Boo to the IOC, okay's China's censorship of the internet for the Olympics.

Speculations on the candidates' running mates.

McCain extends gracious words for Pelosi and Gore.

The UN takes on global warming by raising the temperature.

L.A. puts a moratorium on new fast food restaurants in the poorer areas. Good thing we have a nanny state.

Revelation: Obama tells Congress Israel will attack Iran if sanctions do not stop their enriching of uranium. Good thing he went all over the world to learn this one. It's not like Israel has done this before or anything...

Illegal Immigration Solution: Do you want to leave? We'll let you! Okay, maybe it's just me but this seems ridiculous. First of all, why wasn't this already an option basically. And two, do they really expect it to be all that successful? I mean they're here for a reason, I can't imagine most are too anxious to leave.

Obama wants the U.S. to apologize for anything and everything its ever done wrong. All right, so he isn't quite that extreme, but I mean where do we draw the lines as far as apologies and does the country really have that much of an ability to apologize, especially for crimes committed by a nation composed of entirely different people? It's an interesting discussion to say the least. Of course the government did just finally apologize for slavery and Jim Crowe laws. I do think that is an appropriate thing to apologize for, as is probably the treatment of the Native Americans that Obama seeks, but why now?

New York Governor considers selling bridges to alleviate the state budget deficit.

School decides to make students dress like prisoners for violations of dress code. I guess that really makes school feel like a prison.

Ahmadinejad accuses America of creating AIDS.

Mike Allen's Playbook not written by Mike Allen. Always an enjoyable read and interesting not having Mike Allen writing it.

North Korea experiences the joys of Communism.

Dunkin Donuts goes healthy, sort of.

The House holds Karl Rove in contempt. Congress is still doing great things...

Castro enjoys a resurgence of power and prominence.

U.S. troop deaths in Iraq drops lower than since the beginning of the invasion.

Tiger cubs find a new mom.

Another Earnhardt on the way.

CIA shows ties between Pakistani spies and militants.

Windows down or A/C on, which will save you more gas? The debate continues.

Bush administration sought cronies. I thought news was supposed to reveal something new?

Sports News
Donaghy gets 15 months. Really doesn't seem like too bad of a rap to me.

National Champion's new life as a small time loser.

Some love for my good friend Amanda's blog. Rather brief post today, but I enjoyed the poem that she linked to (and I have a tough time appreciating poetry).

Michael Powers explores the gym. If you look at it for nothing else, at least check out the sweet picture of the hamster weight lifting.

A good article about CEO's aversion to Facebook. That's right, Bill Gates fears Facebook. Kudos Jeff.

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Michael Powers said...

Good stuff as always...but double check your use of 'eschew' - it means to avoid on moral grounds, not to adopt or take up as it seems you intended.