Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News For July 16, 2008

So I've really been neglecting my blog and haven't done much of anything in for forever, so I figured I'd try to get back into it. I figured there was no better place to start as far as that than a return to my Drudgieness. Without further ado, here's my interesting news picks for July 16th:

The city of Denver seeks to ameliorate their homeless problem by sending them to the movies. Too bad I don't think they had quite the same idea the mayor of Chattanooga did when The Pursuit of Happyness was released.

Democrats seek censorship in the House of Representatives and the Republicans are pro-Freedom of Speech? Only in the bizarre blogosphere.

Hate spam? This spammer certainly paid for his emails.

Mike Allen's Playbook. Always an interesting read.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund takes their shots at John McCain. -  I don't usually add much personal commentary to most of what I post, but this one I couldn't resist. I couldn't believe the irresponsibility of an add such as this. Frankly, as the video shows, he admits it's something that he doesn't have much of an opinion about. And why should he? Is it really such a tremendous issue that a candidate for President of the United States of America should be overly concerned about whether or not insurance companies pick up the tab on birth control? I think the President and the Federal Government has bigger issues to deal with than something as insignificant as this. Really this seems like some anti-McCain people taking their cheap shots at him to keep him out of the White House (and no, that is not me saying I endorse John McCain).

Schism amongst the Anglicans over gay clergy.

Obama proclaims his presidency will protect the nation against the dangers of "fighting the last war".  -  This one I couldn't help but resist speaking a little bit about as well. Frankly, the idea of any major nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons threat is so tremendously remote that it is not something a president needs to be overly focused on. The military, intelligence agencies, and FBI all already go to great lengths to prevent this kind of thing (which is highly unlikely to occur anyway) so why do we need the President to worry about it too? I don't think he has any decisions that are crucial to be made concerning this. Obviously it's something to be aware of and to try to prevent, but what does Obama hope to do? He acts like he's in such a hurry to get our troops home I can't picture him using military action to prevent anything like this. So what, is he going to beg them not to use these kinds of weapons against us? The fact of the matter is, the people who are crazy enough to use this kind of stuff won't get this kind of stuff and the people who have this kind of stuff aren't crazy enough to use it on the U.S., so relax. It will be okay.

Sad murder-suicide in Missouri.

The best of the best when it comes to diets.

A pretty smart 11 year old fights speeders.

I haven't posted anybody's blogs on here before, but I had some interesting posts from some of my friends that I thought I'd share (also some humorous ones). I hope you enjoy.

opinuendo* by Jack Jared Waters
Ghost Ride the Whip -  I wasn't familiar with this until I read this post and boy was I pleased I did. It's hysterical and I hope you enjoy.

Space Cadet Glow by Jack Jared Waters and his friend Jenn
Kind of a goofy post about Phantom Texts. I thought it was entertaining and something I could relate to.

Satire Report by "Michael Powers" (that's actually a pseudonym)
Interesting post on Obama's inflammatory comments about his grandmother. There has been some excellent discussion in the comments section relative to it as well, although I feel like a lot of it turned into more of a case of attacking and getting off the topic at hand. But still informative and worth the read.

Exploration of the ideas of power and confidence.

Funny post about Peter Pan.

Anyway, feel free to post comments about any of this or just tell me what you enjoyed.


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Thanks for the the shout out!

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I definitely recognize things that I find worth my while to read and if they're funny, all the better!