Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Claim to Fame

So I frequent a lot of blogs, I think a lot of people know this. I especially enjoy Yahoo's sports blogs. Well, one of the best thing that the pro basketball blog, Ball Don't Lie, does is a segment entitled "Create-a-Caption". They find some goofy picture (actually sometimes they're reasonably normal) and post it and have people create captions for it. It's brilliant really. So occasionally I get involved when I actually have something decent to say. Recently I was rewarded for my good efforts. On Tuesday, January 27, this picture was the one to create a caption for:

That's Philly Guard Royal Ivey taking a little break.

So I came up with my own caption for this, it was: "You know what's better than watching the game? Watching me watch the game." And lo and behold, I was awarded with co-runner-up. Yes, it was very much exciting and that's why I figured I would share this with the whole world. I'm really surprised I was recognized because those other guys had far better posts (the Popeye's is based off of this). My favorite will still be the first one I participated in (read the intro and then check out comment #20). But yeah, feeling like hot stuff right now, can't deny it. Maybe I should start driving a Dodge Stratus.


Jack (h2oetry) said...

Atta boy. I love doing these.

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