Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Capstone Paper Day 2: Sports and a Big Mouth

So it's day two of working on the paper and no Facebook in my life. I'm actually holding out pretty strong. I know a lot of you out there are rather shocked and probably are wondering if you'll ever see me again. I will return, someday...

So about my day. It was also day two for my running with Megan. We went six miles today. I'm frankly shocked I'm holding up as well as I am. I love running with her though, we have a good time and it's just been a really good influence on me all around. It gets me up early and doing the important things first such as reading my scriptures and all that.

So I had some different homework assignments I was working on as well as my paper. Things went reasonably well as far as that. I think what made me the most happy was the fact that I finally am getting things to click for my Ethnic Conflict and Civil War course. Really it has been a very difficult subject for me to stay up and comprehend completely. But when I was in class today it all just seemed to click. It was fantastic. It really made me so happy because I have just seemed so lost as far as that.

This evening was a lot of fun. I went to Cougar Tip Off which was awesome! I'm really excited for the start of the season. It was good to be there with a group of friends and get excited for Cougar Basketball to start up again. They had this paper airplane contest and I can't deny I was really pathetic about it. My plane did not want to fly at all! I'm sure I looked like such a fool. Oh well, what are you going to do. Like my blog title says, this is The Short Bus Crew and it's definitely a very "special" look at the world because I'm a very "special" person. After the basketball game I had a flag football game. We played really great tonight and I got a sack. But unfortunately we came up a bit short and so that's the end of our season.

Now for the final part of my post, my big mouth. So anybody that knows me pretty well knows I'm rather blunt. Well, I'm pretty sure I've overstepped my bounds a few times recently as far as that and I'm kind of concerned that I might have offended a few people as far as that. It makes me sad, but what are you going to do? I've apologized profusely to all of them but still am a little concerned, especially because I think I'm letting it become a bit of a problem. It's really pathetic that I'm letting this happen lately. Our Bishop mentioned that we would have lessons on gossip this Sunday so I decided to study up on it a bit and I really appreciated a quote from President N. Eldon Tanner relative to this. He said, "The tongue is the most dangerous, destructive, and deadly weapon available to man." And so me, being the wise individual I am, I decided to do pretty much everything I could to go contrary to that in the past few days. I really don't think I hurt anybody too badly (hopefully). But I'm pretty sure I was out of line. And I'm sorry about that. I really hope I didn't hurt or offend anybody. I apologize to all those again that I might have offended and know that I do love you dearly, even if you never do see this blog post.

So yeah, definitely going to work on that wicked tongue of mine. Anybody that is interested in reading President Tanner's talk about gossip it can be found here.

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