Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top 25 Picks Week 7

Ok so I need to hurriedly make my picks (but frankly I don't put a ton of thought into them anyway. The Wake game is starting in about 10 minutes and I haven't made my picks, so I'll make the picks and I might add some commentary after the fact.

*UPDATE: So can I ecstatically say that I beat the kickoff of the Wake Forest-Clemson game by quite a bit. I guess the coverage time was quite a bit earlier than kickoff. You can never really tell as far as that kind of thing. But I need to breakdown my picks from last week. 14-4 for my picks last week. Not too shabby. Got one top 10 pick wrong and I'm not sure I made any real daring picks so I guess I'm not overly proud of that. I did feel a little off about the South Florida pick and it turns out I was right. Oh well. 4 teams were on byes and 6 Top 25 Teams played each other. So I've done this for 2 previous weeks is all but I'm 24-10. Wouldn't mind getting that percentage up a tad bit but that's not too bad. Things sure are shaking up now and I've updated this after this week's games have already been played, so they've really shaken up. At least BYU should come out of all of this in a rather favorable position. Hoping for the best against TCU.

Without further ado, here's the AP Top 25 for this week:

AP Top 25
1. Oklahoma (51) 5-0 1,608
2. Alabama (13) 6-0 1,537
3. Missouri (1) 5-0 1,487
4. LSU 4-0 1,444
5. Texas 5-0 1,374
6. Penn State 6-0 1,287
7. Texas Tech 5-0 1,163
8. USC 3-1 1,137
9. Brigham Young 5-0 1,103
10. Georgia 4-1 1,014
11. Florida 4-1 977
12. Ohio State 5-1 931
13. Vanderbilt 5-0 833
14. Utah 6-0 815
15. Boise State 4-0 677
16. Kansas 4-1 623
17. Oklahoma State 5-0 565
18. Virginia Tech 5-1 485
19. South Florida 5-1 392
20. Auburn 4-2 236
21. Wake Forest 3-1 205
22. North Carolina 4-1 196
23. Michigan State 5-1 161
24. Pittsburgh 4-1 121
25. Ball State 6-0 97

My picks:
1. Texas @ Oklahoma: Sooners. This game is actually played at a neutral location, kind of neat. I wish more big games could be like that. But frankly, the Sooners play phenomenal ball. They'll find a way to blow something big this season, rest assured of that, but I don't think this is going to be that one. Texas is a tad bit over ranked and isn't going to be a team of any real consequence after going through the Big-12. They'll win big in the Big-12, maybe even their division, but no way will they win the conference.
2. Alabama: Bye.
3. Missouri @ Oklahoma State: Missouri. Pretty much nobody can compare with Chase Daniel.
4. LSU @ Florida: Gators. Florida is a superb program that underperforms. That being said, LSU is over ranked. Look for a Tiger loss this week.
5. Texas: See #1.
6. Penn State @ Wisconsin: Nittany Lions. I'm convinced Penn can lose, but whether or not that will be in the Big-10, I don't know for sure.
7. Nebraska @ Texas Tech: Tech. They'll keep producing that awesome offensive show.
8. Arizona State @ USC: Trojans. They're back to full form. Look for more SC dominance.
9. New Mexico @ BYU: Cougars. Did you have to ask?
10. Tennessee @ Georgia: Bulldogs. Look for a great Georgia team to walk all over UT.
11. Florida: See #4.
12. Purdue @ Ohio State: Buckeyes. They're pretty good and Purdue really isn't.
13. Vanderbilt @ Mississippi State: Commodores. They'll continue their wins against a crummy team.
14. Utah @ Wyoming: Utes. Hate to pick them as always, might be an interesting game with their new rivalry.
15. Boise State @ Southern Miss: Broncos. This is a solid program, although not quite BCS caliber.
16. Colorado @ Kansas: Kansas. Colorado might be some trouble though.
17. Oklahoma State: See #3.
18 & 19. Virginia Tech & South Florida: Bye. Lucky for them.
20. Arkansas @ Auburn: War Eagles. Auburn is still pretty bad, but not Razorback bad. Plus the new offensive coordinator might make a difference, might...
21. Clemson @ Wake Forest: Wake. I really am a big Reily Skinner fan. Clemson has proven to really not be all that good too.
22. Notre Dame @ NC: NC. I really don't like the Irish. They almost lost to SDSU.
23. Michigan State @ Northwestern: Northwestern. I don't like the Spartans this year and it is an undefeated team they're playing at home (although undeniably unproven).
24. Pitt: Bye.
25. Ball State @ Western Kentucky: Ball State. They're good enough.

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