Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Satan Cored Troll or the Wonderful Results of An Anagram Maker

So one of my buddies, Jack, just had up as his Facebook status about his name as an anagram. I thought that was kinda neat so I put my name in got some fun results. It's amazing how quickly a computer can create pretty much every single possible anagram for your name. Some of my favorite from my list were: Translated Color, Doctoral Antlers, Doctoral Rentals, A Contrasted Roll, A Collards Rotten, A Collators Trend, A Tsar Controlled, Arcade Troll Snot, Ancestral Old Rot, Anal Cold Retorts, Satan Cored Troll, and Satan Rector Doll. Yeah, pretty amazing.

So go ahead and enter your name and see what kind of results you get. And either share some with me or give me a link in your comment.

To share links in the comments section copy and paste this into your comment:
<(remove this space)a href=""><(remove this space)/a>. Make sure to put the link between the quotations and whatever the word you want to list in between the ><. So for example,
<(remove this space)a href="http://www.thisisafakelink.com/">My Example<(remove this space)/a>. Have fun with your own anagrams!

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