Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Update 18 September 2008

So I haven't given one of my news updates in a while and I think there's been some rather good readings lately so here's my spiel:

Not so familiar with Drudge? Get your Drudge-ology 101. This is a fascinating article that talks about the power of Drudge and really a lot of his purpose. The big guy himself keeps a lil mum about why he does what he does, but there's people that have an idea. (Note: There's an interesting link in the article about John McCain inventing the Blackberry. And yes, he invented Blackberrys, just like Al Gore invented the internet. Check it out here.)

Obama, the celebrity, is raking in the cash from the celebrities.

Stocks are bouncing back.

China may buy parts of Morgan Stanley.

New software detects political spin in speeches.

Obama plays hardball with McCain and encourages people to argue with others and "get in their face."

Showing the love for Mike Allen's Playbook.

How John McCain Lost Me (Not literally ME, but an informative article if you're debating the issues.)

GOP bouncing back.

Joe Biden refers to paying higher taxes as being patriotic.

Palin's husband ignores subpoena to testify before panel concerning potential abuses of power by the governor.

Working out on the job! (You gotta see this, it's amazingly ridiculous!)

The former Professor John Payne is at it again. (I absolutely love his blog for so many reasons, so I'm ecstatic that he's picked it up again.) Here is a critical look at the presidential candidates, of course it mostly focuses on a Obama rather than McCain, but John's sister does acknowledge some good points about McCain.

I got this link also from Payne, it's about Tina Fey's performance as Sarah Palin on SNL. I didn't think it was the funniest ever, but I enjoy staying up on what's big.

Nike is so powerful, they can bend time and space.

U Dub players injure OU star in retaliation.

Thank goodness for moms. Tavaris Jackson's mom sure sticks up for him well.

And finally, I wanted to give my own quick rant on college football. Hooray for how great the Cougars are this season. I don't care how bad UCLA might be, 59-0 doesn't happen to PAC-10 teams. Also, thank goodness for Colorado beating West Virginia. The Big East and especially West Virginia are getting exposed for the fakes they are. Of course the Big East is going to look good, they play mostly nobody teams until late in the season usually and they all can't play defence so they run up the score on each other and look like decent teams. Defence is sorely underrated in rankings because it's harder to keep good stats on.

One last note, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if my news picks seem a little biased. I'm not a perfectly objective person, I was a lot more impartial on the race, but as I've made my decisions that bias I'm sure has become more noticeable. I want to give both sides of the issues equal press, so if you have anything you feel like I missed from the news, let me know and I'll throw it in!

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