Friday, September 19, 2008

Quick Hits For 19 September 2008

All right well the news feed seems a little more calm today thus far than it was yesterday, so I thought I'd just throw out some quick blurbs I thought were interesting.

Obama is a better football watching buddy than McCain. Okay, so maybe it's just me, but who really cares? I want a president, not a guy I'm going to go throw back a couple of cold ones (not that I drink anyway) and chat it up with during the game. Kind of reminds me of my buddy Ian's post about how the world prefers Obama as presidential candidate. Yet again, who really cares? They aren't the one's voting and we're note voting for who would be more fun to pal it around with.

North Korea no longer wishes to be taken off the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. Guess we'll see how this tug of war plays out. This game keeps going back and forth. It's very reminiscent of Saddam Hussein's Iraq or the current struggle with Iran. They keep pushing their limits, then draw back. All about testing limits.

Woman sexually harrassed by a man with a cell phone camera fights back with her own cell phone camera. Technology is so often used to exploit others, we sometimes forget that we can fight back with the same means.

If you know my roommates and me pretty well, you know we love emoticons. Here's an article about some of the history of emoticons :)

The power of an idea. A young college student creates a website dedicated to showing off college campuses for potential students. I really like the way this article also explores some of the idea of how the internet is just broadening so many different horizons. I couldn't get the website to work properly for me, but I think that might have been tied to my resistance to creating an account.

Dr. Saturday speaks on Florida's matchup with Tennessee and how terrible of a father Kansas State running back Leon Patton is. And my late addition, new Head Coach Bill Stewart can't watch the team's 3 and 2 attempt in overtime. Can't close out when it's on the line. Story of West Virginia and the Big East.

Dr. Z's NFL mailbag.

New Orleans Saints sign Joey Harrington to be their 3rd string quarterback. Can't NFL teams just give up on this guy already? He's a joke and he's never going to be worth anybody's while.

The NFL's moving to using veteran QB's in place of their highly touted recent draft picks.

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