Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quick Hits For 25 September 2008

So I guess since I've started titling this "Quick Hits" as opposed to some of the other titles I've used, I'll start it off with a video of a great hit from the football season. Here is a fantastic hit by the always brutal Ray Lewis:
Now that's absolutely brutal

Speaking of brutal, the economy seems to be on a real meltdown lately. The Bush speech (here in its entirety, I recommend reading it if you didn't catch it) finally got me really concerned about this economic crisis. This is such a big thing that Bush invited Obama and McCain back from their campaigning to help the Senate and the House take action. That's really big news. McCain seemed to have gotten wind of all of this a little beforehand as he suspended his campaigning before the Bush speech. Also, a part of this was him requesting to put a delay on tomorrow night's presidential debate. Obama is striving to deny him that. I can't deny that it seems like this may just be McCain playing politics, but it definitely is a serious issue, so for good for him for at least making it more of a public concern, even if it was only for selfish reasons. Here's Letterman poking fun at McCain for suspending his campaign and canceling his appearance on his show. Anyway, any thoughts on the economic situation and McCain's move? Should they debate?

Palin a continued proponent of the "bridge to nowhere." I think we probably should all be a little troubled by this. I mean this was scandal at its best, especially given Senator Ted Stevens' recent legal problems... Politico writer Mark J. Penn offers some pointers on this weeks debate. This article is interesting and informative, although he comes out with some very strong direction early on and then gets a bit wimpy late in the article. Good read... Obama back on top according to the polls. Looks like it should be a close one, but I don't think I'm surprising anybody by saying that. That seems to be more and more the case lately even, wonder how many more elections it will continue?... Biden accuses McCain of being "dangerously wrong" about his national security policy. This is just a quick blurb because it's only some tidbits released early from a future speech of Biden's. I'm curious to see exactly what Biden has to say, see if there's anything really to it, and if the news media is really going to latch onto it. I think it's a bit too much of an opinion thing to have any real proof or evidence though... Nobel Peace Prize Winner Al Gore encourages civil disobedience to enforce standards upon new coal power plants. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a Nobel Peace Prize Winner should take a higher road than this.

What if Mormons are right? Hat tip: Matt.

Wacky news of the day: Man charged with battery for passing gas on a cop (yes, this is for real). Seems a bit extreme and harsh, but at the same time, people really should learn to think and control their alcohol intake.

Lance Armstrong to make a comeback. I'm all for it... The Matt Millen debacle: It's official, he's finally fired. I love this blog post leading up to it quoting Roy Williams about the circumstances and their playing philosophy. It's hilarious. Oddly enough, Millen had a pretty good career before the Lions. His future? Still up in the air... Feds to prove Bonds' trainer gave him steroids. Can we just convict the guy and get past this, please?... Vince Young is working on coming back. I've never been sold on him, of course I didn't really expect him to have a mental breakdown like he has. Wish him the best... Josh Scobee steals the ball he kicked for a field goal from a poor ball boy. Funny story... Former NFL players donating their brains to scientific studies. Bravo, should be some good research that comes out of that.

How do lawyers say Duke football really sucks? Hear it here. Hat tip: Jordan

Knight Rider comeback. I'll get more on this later.

One of the most amazing catches EVER!

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