Thursday, September 25, 2008

Top 25 Picks Week 5

So the polls are out again, wish BYU was higher but I always will. I don't know that I can really dispute our ranking and I'm at least thankful that the AP is showing us a little more love. I figure I'll start making picks on the top 25 games of the week every week for the rest of the season, lets see if I'm any good at it. I'm not adventurous enough to even attempt scores though.

Here's the AP listing:
AP Top 25
1. USC (62) 2-0 1,621
2. Oklahoma 3-0 1,484
3. Georgia (2) 4-0 1,475
4. Florida (1) 3-0 1,442
5. LSU 3-0 1,363
6. Missouri 4-0 1,360
7. Texas 3-0 1,174
8. Alabama 4-0 1,132
9. Wisconsin 3-0 1,091
10. Texas Tech 4-0 962
11. Brigham Young 4-0 919
12. Penn State 4-0 891
13. South Florida 4-0 798
14. Ohio State 3-1 790
15. Auburn 3-1 785
16. Wake Forest 3-0 711
17. Utah 4-0 574
18. Kansas 3-1 555
19. Boise State 3-0 363
20. Clemson 3-1 300
21. Vanderbilt 4-0 242
22. Illinois 2-1 224
23. East Carolina 3-1 201
24. TCU 4-0 117
25. Fresno State 2-1 105

So I'll go through each game:
1. USC @ Oregon State:  USC. Can you really pick against the Trojans? Although, this may be a bit of a struggle for them and I wouldn't be surprised if they find a way to lose some sort of ridiculous game this season. Remember Stanford last year?
2 & 24. TCU @ Oklahoma: Sooners. Nough said.
3 & 8. Alabama @ Georgia: Alabama. I'm going a little bit out on a limb for this one, but frankly Georgia has been getting less and less impressive versus the tide just keeps on rolling. I don't know that either is truly a National Championship contender, even though Georgia probably should be. I feel like Georgia probably should be, like last year's LSU, but they underperform and they probably will throughout the season. Unless things change pretty quick, Georgia shouldn't be in the National Championship.
4. Mississippi @ Florida: Florida. They play a good, solid fundamental game. It isn't necessarily the prettiest and they don't necessarily blow people out, but they get it done. Watch for them as National Champion contenders exactly for this reason.
5. Mississippi State @ LSU: LSU. I can't stand LSU so I hate picking them ever, but they did manage a decent win against Auburn last week. That being said, Auburn looked awful against State, so who knows, maybe they'll throw a wrench in LSU's works?
6. Missouri: Bye.
7. Arkansas @ Texas: Texas. Not necessarily the most impressed with Texas, but they do get it done for a large part like Florida. Arkansas got smashed by Alabama last week and look for more bad news from this bad team.
8. Alabama: See #3.
9. Wisconsin @ Michigan: Wisconsin. Michigan is that bad. Really. Things are going to be even more of a mess for coach Rich Rod shortly. Frankly controversy is going to continue to follow him. Karma coach.
10 & 11. Texas Tech & BYU: Byes.
12 & 22. Illinois at Penn State: Coach Joe Pa returns to the sidelines for another victory. Illinois just can't handle the big game pressure when it's on the line, just the occasional big game upset, watch out again Ohio.
13. South Florida @ North Carolina State: South Florida. Yikes they're bad, how'd they get ranked this high? That being said, don't expect another miracle for North Carolina State. Looks like South Florida survives another week.
14. Minnesota at Ohio State: Ohio State. It's the big comeback for big Beanie.
15. Tennessee @ Auburn: Auburn. Yes, Tennessee is THAT bad. Of course Auburn's horrific offense is still going to struggle putting points on the board.
16. Navy @ Wake Forest: Wake. Those Demon Deacons are a bit underrated, of course if they face a real threat, don't expect them to go too far.
17. Weber State @ Utah: Utah. Can I please pick against them? Please? Can't do it against such a small threat. Go Weber!
18 & 19. Kansas & Boise State: Bye. Watch Kansas fall in the polls, as they should. If they're a top 25 team, it's just barely.
20. Maryland @ Clemson: Maryland. Maryland had a good showing against Cal. I think there's more good things to come.
21. Vanderbilt: Bye. Just like you can say bye to this top 25 team shortly.
22. Illinois: See #12.
23. Houston @ East Carolina: East Carolina. This is a good team that had a poor showing last week. Expect them to pick back up where they left off.
24. TCU: See #2.
25. Fresno State @ UCLA: UCLA. Yeah, UCLA's got their problems, but they need a win so they'll dig deep and find it this week. Buh-bye Fresno.

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