Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scripture Study 03.06.09

I read from The Ensign today. The article I read was entitled "Walking by Faith, Not by Sight". The article recounted the faith of a dear sister in Chile who had lost her sight during cataract surgery. However, the faith that she still employs is rather heart warming. Apparently she has not let the lack of sight slow her down as she still does make household chores such as cooking and ironing. I have a difficult enough time doing that with my eyes, I can't imagine how she does it without. But it really was a touching story as she explained her spiritual vision really is enhanced for her lack of sight. She's learned not to let her eyes get in the way, but to see things as they spiritually are.

Faith is such an interesting subject and it requires us to look past what we may temporally understand or see sometimes. Faith requires us to walk into what we may not understand or comprehend and there we will find the light and truth. I hope the kind of faith expressed by this sister can help see me through. I can't deny the frustration I've had in searching for a job and thankfully I still have a comforting feeling that everything will be ok. My Heavenly Father and Savior still love me, I have a family that is willing to do everything they can to take care of me, and I have some really great friends. Some things might be hard along the way, but I can make sure to have the sight to see the rich blessings that do await me if I will but continue on in righteousness.

In History of the Church, B. H. Roberts is continuing more of his presentation of the apostasy. I'm growing a bit tired of it all really. From a scholarly perspective I'm sure it's fascinating, but it's written in a somewhat dry manner and it doesn't seem the most concrete all the time. I was reading specifically about a lot of the heresies that had invaded the Church. There was one quote that I did especially enjoy though concerning the actions of many:
"Several come to church only on solemn festivals, and then not so much for instruction as diversion. Some go out again as soon as they have heard the lecture, without conferring or asking the pastors questions. Others stay not till the lecture is ended, and others hear not so much as a single word, but entertain themselves in a corner of the church." (p. LXXI)
This sounds so much like many that claim to practice their faith today. I definitely do not absolve any Mormon of such guilt either though. There are Sunday Mormons just as much as there are Sunday Christians. But it is interesting how so many of these terrible traditions of attending church only on holidays or really not practicing what is being preached began so long ago. I guess it's no real surprise. Humanity has not changed in the thousands of years they have been on the earth. We presume ourselves to be smarter and wiser than those of old, but I think when it really comes down to it, we're no better. We might have some better technical knowledge and such, but we still make the same stupid mistakes. I am so thankful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to help me make sure that my course is right.

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