Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Scripture Study 03.10.09

I continued my study of the Sunday School lesson today. I went through the study manual and answered the questions. Here's what I had to say.
• Read D&C 25:5, 14. What are some ways that husbands and wives can help each other in times of difficulty?
- Husbands and wives can help each other by offering consoling and comfort. Also, being humble helps greatly because we can find so much more joy in others. Husbands and wives can offer so much to each other by simply being patient, kind, and loving. In a marriage there needs to be a realization that you are working toward the same goal similar to the realization that you are working toward the same goal as our Heavenly Father. When we understand these things, we are more likely to succeed in our marriages and bless the lives of those around us.

• How can spouses show that they delight in each other?
- Spouses can show they delight in each other by being appreciative and speaking kind words. Always being thankful and complimenting others helps them to understand that they are important to that individual and that they find joy in what they’re doing.
It was interesting to see a bit of this focus on the ideas of marriage and how spouses can help each other.

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The Brymers said...

Yay for Scott!! Sounds like you've got this marriage thing down... :)