Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scripture Study 03.09.09

I read the Ensign article "His Power in My Life" which deals with finding guidance through the scriptures. I think the portion I appreciated the most from this article was the first section in which it spoke about the power of choice. I am a big proponent of this idea of choosing to not let others' decisions affect us adversely and learning to look at our experiences for the blessing they are. We never really appreciate the fact the every single thing we do day in and day out helps to constitute the person that we are. Therefore, how we react to such experiences has a profound effect upon who we are becoming. We really need to take the time to appreciate that all experiences in our life can be for our benefit and learning. Sometimes wicked individuals do terrible things and they affect us in awful and harmful ways, but we can still learn to deal with it and learn from it. Thankfully I think most of us don't come across these types of situations that often. We typically just have others around us that might be a bit thoughtless at the moment and cause us some sort of injury. We can learn to look at it as an innocent mistake (because I honestly believe it typically is) and learn from it. I try quite often to learn from the mistakes of others, the examples that I see from them teaches me how to react in the future. I don't think less of them for their mistakes because I know how great my own are, but I am thankful for them in helping me to better myself by examining their lives, even if they don't realize I am doing such.

So I did the reading for Lesson 10 of the Sunday School manual today. It was simply Doctrine and Covenants Section 25, a section specifically given to the Prophet's wife, Emma. I don't know that I have a whole lot of thoughts on this section. It was a bit comforting to me. I can't deny I was starting to feel a bit down and lonely but as I began to read it brought me great comfort. I don't know that there were any particular words that brought such, but just the blessing of the Spirit. Of course I do still have a few thoughts on this particular section.

I must say this is a rather interesting selection of scripture. I think the Old Testament is really the only other time I can think of such direct revelation for a choice woman or "elect lady", as the Lord puts it. It makes me glad that we have this because it is an interesting insight into the mind and will of the Lord since it is irregular to see in canonical scripture to have specific revelations for a woman. Also, I cannot think of a time where the prophet's wife of any record has received such a revelation.

In the actual text I really appreciate the idea of the song of the righteous being a prayer unto God. Religious hymns do have such profound power (although I guess based off of what this scripture actually reads, it's possible that they not necessarily be hymns). I think we often undervalue the hymns and we treat them as not being a prayer. It makes me sad to see others speaking or being disruptive in any way during a song because most people would not do the same during a prayer. We really should learn to treat music in such a way.

I was also impressed by Verse 15, which reads, "Keep my commandments continually, and a crown of righteousness thou shalt receive. And except thou do this, where I am you cannot come." I can't think of another scripture that phrases things in such a manner. The first sentence seems somewhat typical, but the statement of requiring such an effort to receive the blessings of being in the Father's presence is an interesting statement. May we keep in mind that this same statement applies to us as well.

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